About Us

The Beginning

Our journey begin with creativity

We fill every piece of our work with creativity and deliver every need of our client with passion and professionalism to bring it towards excellence. We still have a very long journey ahead of us, and just like our name, we will keep our PIJAR to every part of our work.


Being an Event Organizer service company that able to provide full service benefits to its client, able to realize the expectations of the founders of the company and employees (profit) and is able to uphold noble values in all aspects of life (integrity)


Implement a business pattern that upholds spiritual values based on religious, social, and cultural norms. Implement marketing patterns that are socially oriented, environmentally friendly, caring for others and able to be positive examples for fellow business people and the general public.
Build a creative team, full of unique, different and professional ideas at work.
Synergize mutual benefits between business partners.
Build networking as broad as possible with personal and university, schools, companies etc. in the fields of gathering, product launching, seminars etc.


We always committed to provide the ultimate quality of services to our clients by developing and utilizing the integrated conference technology system.





Product Launching

Booth Activation

Grand Opening & Ceremony

Music Concert

Competition & Kids Activity

Team Building & Traveling